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Empowering Queer Youth through Tech

Maven fosters innovative solutions that empower LGBTQ+ youth to network, organize and educate for social change.

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Bring a Tech Summit to Your City

Maven is seeking Tech Partners to host a 1-day Tech Summit for LGBT+ Youth in your city. Work at a tech company which has the capacity to host us? Please let us know!

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Maven Tech Summit & Cosplay Dance

A day long event focused on advancing the queer youth movement through technology and social media.


Volunteers are the backbone of this nonprofit. We encourage tech professionals, youth workers and nonprofit partners to join us in inspiring and empowering LGBTQ+ youth through Maven’s programs.

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Queer Youth Summer Camp

Choose a leadership role and partner with other queer youth while building your own game and learn from tech industry pros.

Tech Tools Give Back!

Have gently-used laptops? We’ll take those and other tech tools and put them in the hands of queer youth in need nationally.