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2018 Youth Camp Leaders



Austin, TX, New York City, NY, San Francisco/Oakland Camps



Austin, TX, New York City, NY, San Francisco/Oakland Camps



San Francisco/Oakland Camps



Austin, TX, New York City, NY, San Francisco/Oakland Camps



Austin, TX, San Francisco/Oakland Camps



San Francisco/Oakland Camps

2017 Austin, TX Youth Tech Hackers

Beatrix, Austin, TX


Austin, TX

My pronouns are she and her. My hobbies are working on lighting, playing Minecraft, mathematics, and some other stuff. When I grow up I want to work in video game design.

Maeve, Austin, TX


Austin, TX

I'm 15 and anticipating a chance to attend this summer's session of Camp Maven. I am a big fan of game mechanics, geometry, art, and I have an eye for fashion and interface design. I'm a visual learner for the most part and am very involved in visual art making. I love studying computers, geometric equations, and biology

Rebekah, Austin, TX


Austin, TX

I'm 14 and have always been interested in tech but never really looked into it seriously. I love messing around with different video games and different programs. I do digital and traditional art along with some music creation. Maven attracted me because it hits all the different parts of the tech field so I'm excited to get the full experience!

Jean, Austin, TX


Austin, TX

What's up? I'm a witch, I like listening to Bruce Springsteen, and I'm convinced that aliens are out there and the government can only deny it for so much longer. I look forward to getting to know you all.

Haiden, Round Rock, TX


Round Rock, TX

I'm going to be a freshman at East view high school. I love animals and theatre. I'm a pansexual trans gender man. My pronouns are he/they. I love music as well.

Daniel, Round Rock, TX


Round Rock, TX

I'm 15, I love to sketch, and I love a lot of things. I use he/him pronouns. Currently, I like anime and I jam to pop and K-pop — if you know any dances I'm so hyped up to learn. Not quite sure where I want to go in life, but I really want to be a K-pop idol! I love to sing, unsure if I can or not, haha. I'm a bit on the scatterbrained side, so if my thought process doesn't make sense or if I forget something, feel free to ask me to explain (though that might not always be understandable either)! I'm very dull and boring until I get closer to you, so please don't be afraid to approach me!

Ana, Austin, TX


Austin, TX

My favorite pastimes are drawing and programming. I am already familiar with some coding languages I would like to learn more languages to program media. I believe everyone should be able to code or anything else no matter what community you identify yourself with. We are all one community!

Luke, Austin, TX


Austin, TX

I'm a transgender guy (he/him) and I love drawing and writing stories. I have a strong passion for political advocacy and constantly fight for LGBT rights via protests and meetings. I'm always open to learning new things and understanding people and humanity.

Tin, Round Rock, TX


Round Rock, TX

I'm still exploring who I am as a person and who I want to be. I'm an actor who loves the arts. I love the arts such as theatre, choir, and art, which I guess is a part of me.

Ames, Austin, TX


Austin, TX

I'm 17 and I'm basically technologically incompetent, but we'll see if that changes in the future. I'm in choir and dance, and I love reading and watching movies. I also love naps, musicals, and delicious foods!

2017 New York City, NY Youth Tech Hackers

Dave, Brooklyn, NY


Brooklyn, NY

I’m a very kind and social person but shy at first but don’t worry, I’ll open up soon.  I want to learn how to create games with new ideas for others to play and enjoy with their friends, like something you would've never expected. I want to leave people remembering the fun of the game and the feeling.

Elijah, NYC, NY



I'm a 19 year old, pansexual, and have an extreme passion for writing. For as long as I can remember, writing has been a huge part of my life. From Poetry, Songs, Raps, Short stories, and even a novel (though never published and irreplaceable destroyed),

I take pride in my forms of expression. Although the majority of my days have been spent surviving (with little to no success) the mean streets of New York City, I can say my biggest accomplishments include: overcoming depression, graduating High School, and finding a new loving family with my dog and fiancé. What I hope to accomplish at Camp Maven is: Finding new friends and allies, surrounding myself with support from fellow campers, acquire further knowledge of myself as well as my writing, and lastly: creating a rewarding experience with my fellow youth (LGBT or not), as we are the future of the world.

Devon, NYC, NY



I'm sweet, caring, willing to learn, and very understanding.  I love to have fun, love cars and transit vehicles and imma good person if you get to know me. I always wanted to make my own routes and vehicles for a simulator called omsi2 and openbve but these things require a lot of coding and I would love to learn to work on things I love playing.

Mason, Brooklyn, NY


Brooklyn, NY

I am a 20-year-old Brooklyn transgender guy. I want to become an actor in the future and help change people's lives and I hope to be a man of many talents.

Jontae, NYC, NY



I am 18 years old. I enjoy Reproductive Justice work. I will be going to college for Nursing, and then return for Public Health and Community Organizing. 

Tiffany, Brooklyn, NY


Brooklyn, NY

I'm From Brooklyn And I'm 15 Years Old. I Like To Play Basketball On My Free Time. I'm Social And Like To Interact With Other Kids My Age And Discover New Things. I'm Energetic And Very Goofy But It Takes Me A While To Open Up To New Surroundings. I Like Listening To Music And Eating. 

Kristal, NYC, NY



I'm a queer, Latinx woman who enjoys writing and hopes to pursue a career that involves creative writing. I also love makeup and love to express my creativity through makeup looks, as I would in my writing and any other creative outlet I can find. 

Chris, Brooklyn, NY


Brooklyn, NY

I'm an artist and a filmmaker who's always looking for chances to partake in developing entertainment for the masses. I consume it so much I think it's time I learned how it's made. I'm a team player and always willing to meet new people. 

Shannon, Brooklyn, NY


Brooklyn, NY

I come from a big family. I'm really excited to be attending Camp Maven and my goal is to be more computer savvy because I am a little technology challenged. Lol, I can't wait to start. See you there!

Skye, Brooklyn, NY


Brooklyn, NY

I'm seventeen and love art and video games! I go by he/him, and I find video games and creative outlets to be fun and truly intriguing, and I like to draw and design things! I might seem unapproachable at first, but I'm eager to learn and meet new people! I was once told in elementary that you're only supposed to use exclamation marks when things are exciting, but there are plenty of exciting things in the world, and this is one! I look forward to working with everybody!

Michael, NYC, NY



I am 19 yrs old. I just recently graduated high school and on my way to college. To be honest I am really excited to be apart of the team camp because I can challenge myself and grow.

Tabao, Bronx, NY


Bronx, NY

I am a fun, energetic, quick learner and I am very excited to be working with the other campers. I love to draw and watch anime on my free time. I would love to attend this summer camp program because I see myself in the future working with one of the many Japanese or American animation TV show or movie.

Aniya, Bronx, NY


Bronx, NY

I like to play basketball and listen to music. I also like to draw.

2017 San Francisco/Oakland Youth Tech Hackers

Celia, San Francisco, CA


San Francisco, CA

I’m a 15 year old lesbian, writer, and aspiring librarian. I’m super interested in organization, information, and fiction, but I also just really love learning new things and meeting new people! Though I don’t have a lot of experience with tech as a whole, I’m incredibly excited about learning more about how I can utilize it. I also really love brightly colored sweaters.

Kai, San Francisco, CA


San Francisco, CA

I'm 14, gender neutral and panromantic. I go by he/they pronouns and prefer to be called Kai or Kam. You'll usually find me drawing, writing, or doing things with friends, as I am very social. I've always been interested in technology, so I'm very excited to be going to the Queer Youth Tech Camp!

Nico, Walnut Creek, CA


Walnut Creek, CA

I'm a 16 year old nonbinary kid who loves to write, listen to music, and play video games. I'm also the secretary of my high school's GSA. I'm pretty new to coding but I am eager to learn and even more excited to meet the other youth attending camp.

Jasmine, Concord, CA


Concord, CA

I'm 18 and going into community college this fall to work towards a major in something of the technology sort. I love animals, traveling, and math. I love to learn about astronomy, foreign cultures, and future technology. 

Hayley, South San Francisco, CA


South San Francisco, CA

I'm 17 years old, nonbinary, and go by they/them. I love art, music, and all things video games. I really want to be a concept design artist for a game one day! I've tried making games in the past but never committed or had enough coding knowledge, so I'm really excited this time around to be working with other LGBTQ+ youth!

Christine, San Francisco, CA


San Francisco, CA

I’m now an ex-senior at Lowell High School, who is a lover of music, singing, movies/shows, books, and nature. I’m proudly a feminist, pansexual, and open to new ideas. As a future cognitive science major with an emphasis on the engineering aspect, I’m excited to learn more and visit different tech companies through this program.

Sherry, San Francisco, CA


San Francisco, CA

I am turning 19 years old in December this year, and I will be attending UC Riverside in the upcoming school year. I am interested in becoming a computer programmer. When we first meet, I might be a bit quieter. However, as we get to know each other, I will talk more. 

Rowen, Oakland, CA


Oakland, CA

I’m a non-binary visual student at an art school in Oakland. I have a lot of interests and store a bunch of relatively random facts in my head, so if you ask me a question there’s a pretty high chance I’ll know the answer unless it’s about pop culture, in which case you are definitely better off asking someone else. I like reading, art, video games, writing, and a bunch of other activities. I have also been accused of being a nerd on multiple occasions. I can not confirm nor deny these accusations. Mostly the deny bit. If you’re interested in being friends of any sort, come talk to me because, while sociable once I know a person, I am highly unlikely to reach out.

Lucy, Pacifica, CA


Pacifica, CA

I am a 16-year-old pansexual girl who loves nature, music, and after attending the 2016 SF Tech Internship, tech! Music is the main passion in my life, and I recently started a punk band, although I do enjoy many different genres. For a career, I am considering being a park ranger, a music analyst at Pandora, and at some point, I might join the Peace Corps. I can't wait to meet all of the other youth/youth leaders, and look forward to learning more than I do all year! P.S. My pronouns are she/her.

Sky, Oakland, CA


Oakland, CA

I am sapiosexual and gay romantic Agender male who has a passion for RPGs, virtual reality, and adventure games I also have a strong history in youth organizing.

June, San Francisco, CA


San Francisco, CA

I am a cheerful and optimistic person who loves birds (I have a blue-fronted Amazon named Einstein (the picture)), green, music, drawing, reading, and talking to people (and making friends)! Also, do NOT ask if I was born in June, I was born in October. Don't comment, please. Also be prepared for some grade E puns, because I love making bad/dad jokes.

Stella, Pacifica, CA


Pacifica, CA

I'm fifteen and use (she/her) pronouns. I really like video games, though I'm still not great at playing them, so I just play by myself for fun. I would like to try to do something with tech when I'm older, so I'm really excited about Maven. I really want to meet new people.

Kitt, San Francisco, CA


San Francisco, CA

I'm a native San Franciscan. I am known by many to be a rare phenomenon. I plan on going to college in NYC creating art is my life.

Kyler, Union City, CA


Union City, CA

Mostly a mess, especially with technology, but here's hoping I'll be better at it this time around! I also love memes, expect to be tagged in quite a few once we get to know each other!

Mary, South San Francisco, CA


South San Francisco, CA

A little bit about me is that I am a pansexual girl who is fresh out of high school, I love going to Disneyland and Universal Studios. I'm going to Skyline for two years before transferring to a State college, and I want to major in Zoology or Exotic Animal Care with a creative writing degree on the side. I'm a huge fan of anime and I want to be on the Amazing Race when i'm a bit older.

Alyssa, San Francisco, CA


San Francisco, CA

I'm a cross country and track distance runner at Lowell High School and love to participate in any tech/computer-related activities! I'm new to the LGBTQ community and am excited to gain lots of exposure through Maven!

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