Tech Tools Give Back

Tech Tools for Queer Youth. Donate your gently-used laptops & tech tools!

We love tech companies that donate used employee laptops to place into the hands of the next generation of queer tech innovators!

The Maven Tech Tools Give Back Program is designed to offer tech tools for queer youth in need across the country. We work with LGBTQ+ Centers to identify youth in their programs who could use the support of a laptop donation. Maven is committed to ensuring all LGBTQ+ youth have the opportunity to explore technology. We will not make progress toward increasing LGBTQ+ employment in the tech industry if LGBTQ+ youth do not have the necessary tools to explore and create.

Tech Companies: DONATE Your Tech Tools NOW

If your company replaces laptops/tech tools every year or two for your employees, we would LOVE to have your old ones. With every donation of tech tools to our nonprofit we can uplift queer youth in need. Our Tech Tools Give Back program puts these laptops into the hands of queer youth in need. Help us build future innovators by providing them the tools to explore what it means to build!

Needed: Tech tools 2 years or newer.

LGBTQ+ Youth: APPLY for a FREE Laptop

If you're an LGBTQ+ youth (14-18 years of age) involved at your local LGBTQ+ Center, and need support with securing a laptop or other tech tool, WE WOULD LOVE to hear from you. We have laptops and other tech tools to offer to LGBTQ+ youth from across the US. Please fill out the form below to see how Maven’s Tech Tools Give Back Program can help support your career exploration!

Let’s Talk Tech!

You can help!

Become a Sponsor

As a non-profit, we rely on the tech industry to invest in youth innovators. Sponsors are needed to ensure we can provide this free program to our LGBT+ youth community. With corporate funding it allows us to grow our programs into other cities and provide internships for youth tech leaders.


Volunteers are the backbone of any non-profit. We seek tech professionals, LGBT+ youth workers, and non-profit partners to build our programs nationally.

Host a Day of Camp

Throughout the year we look to partner with tech driven companies to host our events and camps. If you have space and can provide meals we would love to chat about how to bring a group of our amazing youth to your company to meet tech professionals.