Hack 4 Queer Youth

3 Days + 5 LGBT+ Topics + 10 Campus = 10 new tech solutions for creating social change for Queer Youth & Students!!

Registration Closed

We had an amazing event this year! Registration is closed, but we’ll send out email notifications when we register for 2018!

How this Works

Step 1

Register Campus

Step 2

Each LGBT+ Campus Center encourages students, alumni, faculty and community members to register (Computer science, digital artists, LGBT+ advocates, anyone affiliated with your educational institute who is needed to help build a tech solution.)

Step 3

On March 17-19th host space for your team to meet and build. (national conference meetup with all the campus registered hosted by Maven & oSTEM)

Step 4

Your team will build a tech tool with one of the 5 LGBT+ Topics assigned to your team on Friday evening. 

Step 5

Teams will showcase their tech tool to LGBT+ Tech Professionals from Google, Pandora, Pinterest on Sunday. Judges will announce the winner that day.

Winning Team wins $2,500 for their campus LGBT+ Pride Center and Win the 2016 National LGBT+ Campus Hacker Title.

Participants Registration opens in December.

Teams will be assigned at random one of the following topics/issues:

You can help!

Become a Sponsor

As a non-profit, we rely on the tech industry to invest in youth innovators. Sponsors are needed to ensure we can provide this free program to our LGBT+ youth community. With corporate funding it allows us to grow our programs into other cities and provide internships for youth tech leaders.


Volunteers are the backbone of any non-profit. We seek tech professionals, LGBT+ youth workers, and non-profit partners to build our programs nationally.

Host a Day of Camp

Throughout the year we look to partner with tech driven companies to host our events and camps. If you have space and can provide meals we would love to chat about how to bring a group of our amazing youth to your company to meet tech professionals.