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Eric, 17

Gilbert, AZ

They made anyone who's never worked that deep with tech want to learn even more.

When I first heard about Maven it was through my uncle who lives in California he thought it would be a great opportunity to do while I was out in California for my summer. When I first came in the door at GitHub with one of my uncles I was nervous. I never thought that this would be the place where I would make so many good friends and had so many wonderful memories.

Our sponsors were amazing, the other camp members were amazing, our presenters were great and all the tech companies were over the top. They made anyone who's never worked that deep with tech want to learn even more.

The first hours of me being there I made so many friends. I thought I would be the only one there that did not know how to code computers. I mean for two years of my life prior to this camp all I had done was video production and video editing so yeah I knew how to use a computer and I could work it pretty well but actually getting inside of the computer now that was a challenge. Maven made last summer the best summer of my life. If you love Tech are even interested in Tech & you're in the LGBT community and want to make some amazing friends that you'll have for a lifetime I would definitely suggest that you sign up for maven as soon as possible.

And although I entered being the outcast the only kid that came from Arizona to San Francisco I later became part of a family that I'll cherish for the rest of my life. Maven helped me see job opportunities I thought I would never be able to have and now every time someone asked me what I want to be or what I want to study after I finish High School I'm stuck between wanting to be a teacher and wanted to work in a software company.


Carlean, 17

San Francisco, CA

Now I plan on double majoring in Computer Engineering and Science in college!

Hey y'all, I'm Carlean and I began Maven two years ago I believe. I can honestly say I was scared, but joining Maven I grew confidence and joy in myself and the work I did at Maven. Maven showed me how there are so many fields In the tech world And also how there are not a lot of women in the tech field. Now I plan on to double major in Computer engineering and Science in college. Maven is a place where you grow leadership skills, develop self-confidence, but moreover, you learn beautiful things about the world and what YOU can do, you find your passion and Maven pushes you to succeed.


Kwamel, 21

Springfield, MA

My dream job is to become a video game designer and Maven showed me how fun that job actually could be.

The Maven Camp was an experience I won’t soon forget, that opened my eyes to how much more I had to learn and how eager I can be to wake up the next morning before dawn (yall know what I mean ;)). I’ve always had an interest in computers and video games ever since I saw World of Warcraft being run on our college neighbor's rig. Up until Maven I had only seen a bit of HTML code and built my own computers. All of the workshops were easy to understand, engaging, and fun. At one point we all built our own websites and I'll never forget how we were all eager to show ours off.

After Maven I decided to aim for community college classes and to look for boot camps to help progress my experience around computers. My dream job is to become a video game designer and Maven showed me how fun that job actually could be (along with some other jobs in that genre). I'm glad I was able to attend Maven and to have had such great experience.


Humaira, 17

San Mateo, CA

I gained valuable leadership skills through teaching coding classes to other youth!

I can say with absolute certainty that my experiences with Maven have been some of the best of my life. Going through their tech camp in SF, I was given a rare glimpse into the inner workings of tech companies such as Pandora and Google, something that most teenagers don’t get to see. Working with Maven, I gained valuable leadership skills through teaching coding classes to other youth, being project manager on my team and also lead programmer on my game team during the tech camp, working on Maven’s annual Hack 4 Queer Youth hackathon, attending the GLAAD Awards Gala, White House LGBT Tech & Innovation Summit and many other events. I was also given the opportunity to speak on behalf of Maven at the Lesbians Who Tech 2015 Summit in NYC, something that really helped me grow as a person and as a leader. 

All of these experiences have shaped me up into who I am today. They inspired me and gave me the courage I needed to pursue a career in tech, mixing my passion for music with my love for programming.
I’m currently working towards getting a Creative Computing degree from the University of London while also continuing game development with my game team from Maven. I hope to continue working with Maven, not only to better myself but to also pay it forward and give other aspiring youth techies the best experience possible.

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