Our Mission and Vision

Maven fosters innovative solutions that empower LGBTQ+ youth to network, organize and educate for social change.

We accomplish our mission by: 

We envision a world where:

LGBTQ+ youth are equipped with the knowledge, skill, and ability to create innovative tech solutions. Youth are provided career pathways into technology and supported to advance within the tech industry through training, mentorship, and application.

LGBTQ+ youth serving organizations are providing services to youth using the most innovative technology. It’s a world where non-profits are provided the funding and support needed to access and sustain the newest technology to better serve youth.

The LGBTQ+ community thrives in technology. It’s a world where the tech industry invests in the next generation of LGBTQ+ professionals and changes how our community is represented in games and media. LGBTQ+ tech professionals, especially leaders of color, rise within the industry.

LGBTQ+ youth are free to explore their identity free from bullying and hateful speech. It’s a world where youth can walk into a center online before they’re comfortable with stepping through the door (or find a door online that isn’t in their community).

We envision a world where the most rural of youth can access an array of resources available in the urbanest areas. It’s a world where youth are sharing resources and best practices – connecting a thriving GSA club in San Antonio, TX with a budding group in rural Kerman, CA.

Board Members

Austin Hernandez

Austin Hernandez Keep Austin Lucky

Monica Ann Arrambide

Monica Ann Arrambide CEO & Founder

You can help!

Become a Sponsor

As a non-profit, we rely on the tech industry to invest in youth innovators. Sponsors are needed to ensure we can provide this free program to our LGBT+ youth community. With corporate funding it allows us to grow our programs into other cities and provide internships for youth tech leaders.


Volunteers are the backbone of any non-profit. We seek tech professionals, LGBT+ youth workers, and non-profit partners to build our programs nationally.

Host a Day of Camp

Throughout the year we look to partner with tech driven companies to host our events and camps. If you have space and can provide meals we would love to chat about how to bring a group of our amazing youth to your company to meet tech professionals.