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The Impact Online Support Can Offer

"The Internet does not serve to simply reinforce the negative dynamics found offline regarding bullying and harassment rather, this technology also offers LGBT youth critical tools for coping with these negative experiences, including access to understanding and accepting friends, and exposure to health information that is unavailable elsewhere.” - Dr. Michele Ybarra, President and Research Director of the Center for Innovative Public Health Research. “


Social Media Evolves So Must Our Efforts

“LGBT youth continue to face extraordinary obstacles in their day-to-day lives whether at school or online, but the Internet can be a valuable source of information and support when they have no one or nowhere else left to turn to. As social media evolve, so must our efforts to serve LGBT youth to ensure their safety, health and well-being.” - Dr. Eliza Byard, GLSEN’s Executive Director


Digital Reality

"One of the things our grandchildren will find quaintest about us is we distinguish digital from the "real", in the future that will become literally impossible." - William Gibson, American-Canadian Author


Video Games Can Support Queer Youth

"I wished I could have just been myself and honest about being a queer geek. … Games were my only escape for me. They allowed me to live in another world … having a team with me as we stormed Booster's Castle in Super Mario RPG or defeating the evil Porky in Earthbound … really was magical." - Matt Conn, Co-Founder of GaymerX